jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

En la comarca oscura

Propone la lectura de quince poetas peruanos -Wáshington Delgado, Carlos Germán Belli, Pablo Guevara, Luis Hernández, Marco Martos, Antonio Cisneros, Jorge Pimentel, Abelardo Sánchez León, Cesáreo Martínez, Carmen Ollé, Róger Santiváñez, Domingo de Ramos, Monserrat Álvarez, Martín Rodríguez-Gaona y Miguel Ildefonso-, quienes desde distintas poéticas han recorrido la ciudad de Lima y sus laberintos durante los últimos cincuenta años.
El lector atento descubrirá que la recurrida división generacional es artificial, y sesga o empaña una visión integral y comprehensiva de nuestra poesía. Esta realidad exige un abordaje de otra naturaleza. Como cualquier selección, esta puede ser discutida; sin embargo, recoge voces fundamentales en la representación de la capital en el quehacer poético de tan extenso periodo.

En el hocico de la niebla

Es un poemario de fin del siglo XX y quizá por eso, la voz de Pimentel es ahora la del sobreviviente, la del náufrago, pero también la de aquel hombre arrojado a la intemperie, huérfano de todo, que da fe de una experiencia que no puede reducirse a lo individual ni a lo social. Ese libro lo esribió en un barcito que queda en la calle La Paz en Miraflores.

En los extramuros del mundo

Libro que deslumbró a críticos y lectores de poesía por su alta calidad formal, la intensidad de sus imágenes plenas de vida y energía y su mensaje de rebeldía juvenil frente al orden establecido.

jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011

1000 palabras y frases peruanas

La doctora Martha Hildebrandt, reconocida lingüista peruana, nos ofrece en el presente volumen, 1000 palabras y frases peruanas, el análisis y procedencia de diversas palabras y frases pertenecientes al nivel del habla culta familiar peruana. Una importante contribución a la labor de fomento y estudio de la variedad del español en el Perú, que busca convertirse en imprescindible material de consulta para personas de toda edad y profesión.

miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Guinness world records 2012

Es una obra de referencia  publicada anualmente que contiene una colección de récords mundiales, tanto en los logros humanos como del mundo natural. El propio libro tiene el récord por tratarse de la serie de libros más vendida con derechos de autor en todos los tiempos.

martes, 16 de agosto de 2011

The boy of a thousand faces

Alonzo King has always loved monsters. He can name every monsters movie ever made and imagines that his house is haunted with a secret graveyard out back. But when suddenly there is word that a real beast has come to town, not even Alonzo can track it down. Will he be able to solve this mystery and make his dream of becoming The Boy of a Thousand Faces como true?

Kaspar prince of cats

Kaspar the cat first came to the Savoy Hotel in a basket – Johnny Trott knows, because he was the one who carried him in. Johnny was a bell-boy, you see, and he carried all of Countess Kandinsky’s things to her room.
But Johnny didn’t expect to end up with Kaspar on his hands forever, and nor did he count on making friends with Lizziebeth, a spirited American heiress. Pretty soon, events are set in motion that will take Johnny – and Kaspar – all around the world, surviving theft, shipwreck and rooftop rescues along the way. Because everything changes with a cat like Kaspar around.

Pesky monkeys

Pesky Monkeys (Mo's Mischief) : Mo-Shen Ma is staying at his grandparents' house for the summer holidays. It's so much fun! He makes lots of new friends and plays some great games, like hide-and-seek with dogs! But when Mo-Shen visits the zoo, some naughty monkeys play havoc with him and his friends. What can he do to get them back? As ever, Mo-Shen has a plan...

Teacher's pet

Mo, a mischievous boy living in China, tries to best his schoolmate and rival, Man Man, in a cooking contest, a magic show, and a brainteaser game.

The water sprites

During her most recent visit to the Fairy Realm, Jessie inadvertently allows a baby fairy to be captured by water sprites who want to hold the child captive until their missing moonstone is returned.

Diccionario visual

Este diccionario visual contiene más de 2500 imágenes, desde el color y el esplendor del antiguo Egipto al mundo fascinante de las plantas y los animales o los misterios del universo. Estas rigurosas ilustraciones, y las descripciones detalladas que las acompañan, dan vida a este magnífico libro de referencia.

lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

Rowan of rin

Because only he can read the magical map, young, weak, and timid Rowan joins six other villagers to climb a mountain and try to restore their water supply, as fears of a dragon and other horrors threaten to drive them back.

The road to inconceivable

Katie and her little brother Matt have love reading about Abadazad. Then, Matt mysteriously disappears and Katie and her mother must go on without him. When, five years later, Katie discovers that Matt is alive and in Abadazad, she must go there to try to find him and bring him back.

The phantom isles

Three friends and the librarian in a Massachusetts town must help each other to free the ghosts that have been imprisoned in books by a professor on a fantastical island many years ago.

The mummy

History tells that a group of people were searching for the lost treasure all through the Egyptian desert they unburried this terrifying treasure that dated more than 3,000 million years of antiquity

viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

Illusions and lies

Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin (W.i.t.c.h.) are five ordinary friends with an extraordinary secret: they each have the power to control a natural element-air, water, fire, earth, and finally, the mysterious "Heart of Candracar." The girls use their powers to guard against evil and to uncover the truth behind mysterious portals leading to other worlds. Between school, family, and a new interest in boys, these girls had enough to worry about! But now they have the secret to turn into a group of friends with special powers . . . destined to fight the evil Prince Phobos in the magic world of Metamoor. W.i.t.c.h. combines fashion and fantasy, magic and middle school, heroism and humor, friendship and family, teamwork and transformation, in a wholesome mix proven to charm the tween girl market.

The bogwater witches

When Thora and Sybil Weird find a baby dumped on the doorstep of Bogwater Cottage, they are thrilled. The baby can only be a Giftwitch, who will grow up to be an even more powerful witch than they are. But Hetty has other ideas. She just wants to be an ordinary girl

Shadow forest

Samuel Blink is the hero of this story, but he doesn't know it yet. Right now, he and his sister Martha are in the back of his parents car. He has no idea a giant log is about to fall from the sky and change his life forever. He doesn't know that he and Martha will be forced to move to Norway and eat their Aunt Eda's smelly brown cheese. He hasn't the slightest clue Martha will disappear into Shadow Forest. A forest full of one-eyed trolls, the sinister huldre-folk, deadly Truth Pixies and a witch who steals shadows. A forest ruled by the evil Changemaker. A forest so dangerous that people who enter never return.

The secret country

Ben has been saving for weeks to buy the Mongolian fighting fish he's seen in the local pet shop. But on entering Mr Dodds' Pet Emporium, a small cat hooks his claws into Ben's jumper and begs to be bought. The cat tells Ben that Mr Dodds is importing rare magical beasts into this world and he needs his help to save them. Like fish out of water, they are dying in this world, away from their magical land. A parallel world, Eidolon, exists as a neighbour to our own and is filled with magic and magical creatures, like dragons, selkies, sabre-toothed tigers and faeries. With his new friend, Iggy the talking cat, Ben travels between the worlds and helps some of these amazing creatures return home. On his journey he makes loyal friends, encounters danger and adventure and discovers his own royal lineage in the Secret Country...

So far from the bamboo grove

A fictionalized autobiography in which eleven-year-old Yoko escapes from Korea to Japan with her mother and sister at the end of World War II.

You're no fun, mum!

Chinese boys can be Horrid too! Join in the fun as Mo-Shen Ma and his mischievous father run riot through school and home. There s no trouble they can t get into or out of Every book in the Mo s Mischief series is packed with hilarious adventures and a unique insight into modern Chinese life.Who does Mo-Shen Ma love most? His mum! Not only is she beautiful, but she s also a great detective. When Mo-Shen tries to frame his dad for one of his naughty pranks, his mum finds out immediately! How does she do it? If Mo-Shen wants to play the way he likes, he ll have to work out how to get around his mum

Hearthbreak island

When Taranee’s brother disappears due to dark magic, the Witches must travel to another world to find him.

miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

The darkest dream

Nerissa has turned her evil eye on Caleb! She knows the young Herald of Candracar is the key to getting the Guardians attention. Determined to capture Caleb, Nerissa enters the girls nightmares and drives fear into the hearts of the five girls.

martes, 28 de junio de 2011


En el presente texto destacan los capítulos de sistemas de numeración diferentes al decimal y problemas de raciocinio a partir de las cuatro operaciones básicas. Se incluyen 1,000 problemas, entre resueltos y propuestos, con sus respectivas respuestas.
Hacia el final del libro se incluyen dos anexos: uno, con amenidades aritméticas y otro, con recomendaciones de cómo estudiar y cómo rendir una evaluación escrita


El presente texto trata temas del programa del curso Fundamentos de Matemáticas que actualmente se imparte en la Universidad del Pacífico y ha sido escrito a partir de las clases dictadas en esta universidad por los profesores Ricardo Siu Koochoy y Carlos Andaluz Zúñiga

martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Conjugación: lengua española

Obra que permite detectar y corregir errores. Reglas precisas, con numerosos ejemplos, ejercicios y soluciones. Una breve exposición sobre las características morfológicas, sintácticas y semánticas del verbo que permite al lector un conocimiento más amplio sobre el funcionamiento de esta categoría gramatical.
Excelente guía para estudiantes, ya que es una fuente confiable de consulta,su tamaño es práctico, fácil de usar y de transportar.

La miel y la cicuta

Obra de uno de los escritores científicos más brillantes de nuestra época, este libro advierte sobre la diversidad de una vida en la naturaleza que es una suma de antagonismos y simpatías, donde la presencia del ser humano es una variación insospechada y maravillosa.

viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Botica natural

Coleccionable orientado a prevenir y aliviar los trastornos más comunes, y no reemplaza, en absoluto, los tratamientos médicos prescritos por un profesional

Ecología práctica

Es una guía completa de las acciones que se están tomando en diversos rincones del mundo para frenar y minimizar el impacto del calentamiento global. En este nuevo coleccionable usted recibirá pautas para actuar de manera positiva sobre nuestro entorno con actividades que pueden ser realizadas diariamente desde su casa o comunidad.

Days of magic, nights of war

Candy Quackenbush’s adventures in the Abarat continue as she makes a startling realization as to who she is, and the forces of Night begin plans for war.

Blaze of silver

Using principles of their shared Muslim faith to persuade him, an agent of the Old Man of the Mountain convinces Kamil to lead Will and Ellie into a trap, but Kamil repents and seeks a way to save his friends and redeem himself.

The eye of the serpent

Fifteen-year-old Alec Devlin is on his way to the Valley of the Kings. Uncle Will and his young assistant, have made an amazing discovery - an ancient tomb. But only hours after opening its doors, Uncle Will falls ill and Tom seems to have disappeared. Together with Ethan Wade, and Madeleine Duval, Alec sets about unravelling the tomb's mysteries

Odin's queen

In this thrilling adventure, bonder Affie has escaped to Mars with Odinstoy, and her young son, Apollo. Odinstoy has been employed by the Martian Temple of Odin as their God-speaker and Affie goes undercover as her 'wife'. Affie hopes their new life will enable her to claw back the status and respect she had before she became a bonder - and is frustrated by Odinstoy's disdain for the fame her new role brings. Affie's craving for attention leads her to fall under the spell of a follower of the rival temple of Zeus, and before she knows it she is revealing more of her past to him than she ever intended.

jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

The robe of skulls

The sorceress Lady Lamorna has her heart set on a very expensive new robe, and she will stop at nothing--including kidnapping and black magic--to get the money to pay for it

Ptomely's gate

Dangerous adventures continue for the djinni Bartimaeus and his master, seventeen-year-old Nathaniel, a powerful magician who is serving as England’s minister of information

Catching waves

Fourteen-year-old Kai Ford, a good surfer who respects the power of the sea, unfortunately does not always have the same respect for the privacy of other people.

Stealing home

Joey is sure he will not get along with the exchange student from Nicaragua who is staying with his family for 
a year, but they find common ground on the baseball field

What Mr. Mattero did

Three seventh-grade girls accuse their music teacher of having touched them inappropriately and sexually

The book of Alfar

In the legend-filled woods overlooking the Hudson River, an Algonquin girl is kidnapped by an evil dwarf whose grandson, aided by an eleven-year-old boy, a goatherd, and figures from the past, sets out to rescue her.

A watery grave

Exonerated for a murder hours after an exploration convoy sets sail for the Pacific islands, ship linguist Wiki Coffin is made a deputy by a Virginia sheriff and sets out to catch up with his crewmates, one of whom is the real killer

The waterbearer

When a storm capsizes their boat and kills his father, Maji, a young trader on the East Coast of Africa in the fourteenth century, is captured and taken inland to the city of Great Zimbabwe, where he discovers a talent for divining underground water.

Scepter of the ancients

When twelve-year-old Stephanie inherits her weird uncle's estate, she must join forces with Skulduggery Pleasant, a skeleton mage, to save the world from the Faceless Ones

The pink panther gets lucky

Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau of the Paris Police Bureau is called in to investigate the disappearance of a priceless diamond and the starlet who had been wearing it during a Las Vegas magic show, and joins forces with "Junkyard" Bob Convoy, an American private detective and bounty hunter, to find the culprit responsible

Pinacoteca municipal Ignacio Merino

La publicación de este catálogo responde a la necesidad de comunicar y difundir, a escala nacional e internacional, los resultados de una acuciosa investigación histórica del patrimonio artístico de la Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima. Se ha tenido en cuenta, diseño y estilo en la presentación visual a fin de motivar y sensibilizar a la ciudadanía en torno a los temas de valores artísticos, identidad cultural y educación por el arte.

Acuarelas de Pancho Fierro y seguidores

Esta publicación contiene fotografías de las 254 acuarelas y los manuscritos inéditos de Ricardo Palma, debidamente restaurados en la Pinacoteca Municipal. También incluye un texto sobre la pintura costumbrista realizada por el prestigioso historiador de arte americano Francisco Stastny.

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Collected novels for teens

Four of the award-winning author's novels, which capture the triumphs and struggles of African-American teens, are collected into one edition, and include Bright Shadow, Water Girl, The Golden Pasture, and Journey. Original.

The wrong stuff

Jane Wheel is an antiques picker, cruising garage sales looking for items she can turn around and sell to dealers for a tidy profit. She also has a knack for finding clues and solving crimes...

Tom Trueheart and the land of dark stories

Twelve-year-old Tom Trueheart, accompanied by his friend Jollity the crow, must journey to the dangerous Land of Dark Stories to rescue his brothers and their princess brides, and to try to defeat the villainous Ormestone once again

The house of blue mangoes

The House of Blue Mangoes tells the story of the Dorai family in south India during a time of tremendous political and social upheaval. The novel opens in 1899 with the patriarch Solomon Dorai — the headman of the picturesque village of Chevathar — contemplating the imminent destruction of his world and everything he holds dear. The decisions he makes to avert the catastrophe that threatens the village will mark the family for generations to come.itish, is happening at the same time.

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Biblia didáctica de América

Biblia única para jóvenes y adultos que quieren descubrir el mensaje bíblico desde distintas perspectivas.