jueves, 21 de marzo de 2013

Scary science

Everyone loves a good scare, and Scary Science shows why. Digging deep into spine-chilling tales of horror, it teaches the truly fascinating science underlying the terror, taking the reader on a tour of that zone where reality meets all things weird and terrifying.

martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Science cycles

In each cycle section of this book there are three types of pages: teacher pages with mini-lessons, student pages (indicated by the pencil and magnifying glass icon), and the story (indictade by the book icon)

Daily problems and weekly puzzlers: science

This collection of challenging and engaging hands-on science problems is perfect for homework, warm-ups, and for extending and enriching any science program  This book contains 144 daily problems, 36 weekly puzzlers (more like invetigations), teacher notes, solutions, and charts that cross-reference problems to the National Science Eduaction Standards..

lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

Clean water

Discusses the composition and states of water, its importance for human beings, how humans get water, how humans are polluting  the water supply, the effects of this pollution and strategies that would help with this problem.

Clean air

Discusses the composition of air, its importance for human beings,  how humans are polluting the air with fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, the effects of this pollution and strategies that would help with
this problem.

viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

8000 things you should know

This incredible reference resource covers eight subject areas and provides 8000 bulleted facts.

La fuerza de Sheccid

Narra una historia verídica de adolescentes emprendedores. Describe la energía vivificante del primer amor y de los grandes anhelos de juventud. Motiva a reforzar ideales, a terminar con libertinajes y a reencontrar los principios éticos.


The book explains and practically demonstrates the working of the world in a simulating amd challenging way that any inquisitive child will love. The practical projects make learning fun both at home and in school.

The body

Describes the different parts of the body and uses activities and experiments to help explain how they do what they are supposed to do.


Describes different kinds of magnets and how they are used and presents a variety of experiments and other activities involving magnetism

Kitchen science experiments

Introduces basic chemistry concepts that can be learned in everyday kitchens, with easy-to follow instructions and scientific explanations for each experiment.


Discover the incredible world of science, chemical reactions, forces, nuclear energy, robotic, inventions and technology.  This book is crammed with facts about scientific methods, theories and key breakthroughs.

Cool science experiments

Explore the world of science and learn about Earth and the solar system.  Discover the secrets of science through 365 experiments that will challeng and entertain you. You will be amazed at how much you learn while having so much fun.


This fantastic book explains what makes modern marvels suchs as skyscrapers, bridges and dams, and each concept is demonstrated by a fun-filled project