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Diary of a Wimpy kid: Rodrick rules

Greg Huffley tells about his summer vacation and his attempts to steer clear trouble when he returns to middle school and tries to keep his older brother Rodrick from telling everyone about Greg's most humiltiating experience of the summer

Soccer encyclopedia

The Kingfisher Soccer Encyclopedia takes you to the sidelines of a fascinating sport that is played and watched by millions of people around the world.  Learn about key rules and skills in "Playing the Game" before meeting the superstars--from Alfredo di Stéfano to Zinedine Zidane. Find about coaches and tactics in "The Brain Game", and discoer how it all  comes together in the world's greatest teams.

Prince of Persia

The following legends of princes and prophets, gardens and graves, water and fire, will not be found in books of history. Any resemblances to real people, places, or events may be blamed on the vivid imagination of the reader.

Cuentos del mundo

Reunión de más de veinte historias que proporcionan el encuentro de una gran diversidad de cultura, épocas y modos de percibir y narrar el mundo: parábolas, fábulas, leyendas, mitos y cuentos en un recorrido geográfico que descubre un viaje de búsqueda a través de relatos poco conocidos, pero también de historias clásicas.