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Captain underpants and the sensational saga of sir stinks-a-lot

George and Harold, and their doubles, Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold, have a good thing going. Two of them go to school, while the other two hide in the tree house and play video games all day -- then they switch! But when their malicious gym teacher, Mr. Meaner, creates a method of mind-control that turns their fellow students into attentive, obedient, perfect children, the future of all humanity will be in their hands!

Graphic library, inventions and discovery

Young readers who have an interest in computers and how they work will be fascinated to learn the history of the personal computer. It is hard to imagine that these complex machines had some of their beginnings in a garage in California and yet that is indeed how it happened. With its graphic novel format and its engaging text, this title is perfect for readers who like to learn about people and their achievements.

Tells the story of how Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr came up with the idea for a secret communication system, which would much later become the basis for wireless technology. 

 Simple text and photographs describe the life of Matthew Henson, co-discoverer of the North Pole in 1909.

Philo Farnsworth and the television tells of how a teenage farm boy from Idaho was the genius behind the invention of television. In dramatic, graphic novel format, this book tells how Philo Farnsworth came up with the idea for using electricity to send pictures, while plowing a field on the family farm. Readers will also learn about the race to invent television, as companies with big money tried to outwit this inspired and determined young man.

In graphic novel format, tells the story of how Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and the effects it had on the south.

In graphic format, tells the story of Jonas Salk's involvement in the development of a polio vaccine


Tells the story of Henry Ford, along with his invention, the popular Model T automobile.

A biography telling the life of Hellen Keller, a blind and deaf women who became an author and advocate for the blind.

Tells the story of George Eastman and the invention of the Kodak camera.

A biography telling the story of the explorer Christopher Columbus and his discoveries of the Americas. Written in graphic-novel format.

In graphic novel format, tells the story of Jake Burton Carpenter and the evolution of the snowboard and the sport of snowboarding.

Tells the story of French scientist Louis Pasteur and his invention of the pasteurization process.

Johann Gutenberg and the Printing Press tells the story of the man who invented printing with movable type. in dramatic, graphic novel format, this book shows the hard work, patience, and craftsmanship of this great German inventor. Although he received little credit in his lifetime, history remembers Gutenberg as the "father of the printing press." 

Tells the story of Thomas Edison's involvement in the development of the incandescent light bulb.

Tells the story of how Alexander Graham Bell came up with the telephone, and how his invention changed the way people communicate.

Tells the story of how Samuel Morse developed a working telegraph in 1844 that changed the way people communicated.

Tells the story Levi Strauss and the evolution of blue jeans

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Diary of a wimpy kid: old school

Life was better in the old days. Or was it? That's the question Greg Heffley is asking as his town voluntarily unplugs and goes electronics-free. But modern life has its conveniences, and Greg isn't cut out for an old-fashioned world. With tension building inside and outside the Heffley home, will Greg find a way to survive?

Goosebumps book series


A portrait of the author of the Goosebumps series, shares insight into his childhood, education, and literary inspirations, with answers to frequently asked questions about his life, books, and writing style.

A collection of short graphic novels featuring characters from famous "Goosebumps" stories includes "Ghost Beach," in which two siblings investigate a local legend and discover a terrible secret about their family.


  Based on the movie!

I am an American: a true story of Japanese internment

This is an interesting book that has a story within a story, both of which are true. It is an account of Japanese internment in general during World War II and of Shiro “Shi” Nomnura, a young man who spent part of his youth in the Manzanar War Relocation Center in southern California.

Series Star Wars Jedi Academy

After surviving his first year at Jedi Academy, Roan Novachez thought his second year would be a breeze. He couldn't have been more wrong. Roan feels like he's drifting apart from his friends, and it's only made worse when Roan discovers he's not the amazing pilot he thought he'd be. When the school bullies take him under their wing, he decides they aren't so bad after all — or are they?

This year, Roan will have to face alien poetry tests, menacing robots, food fights, flight simulation class, online bullies, more lightsaber duels, and, worst of all, a girl who is mad at him.

Someone is setting Roan up to get in trouble with everyone at school, including Yoda and if he doesn't find out who it is, he may get kicked out of school!

Series: Who was....?

Leonardo da Vinci was a gifted painter, talented musician, and dedicated scientist and inventor, designing flying machines, submarines, and even helicopters.  Yet he had a hard time finishing things, a problem anyone can relate to.

As a child he dreamt of changing South Africa; as a man he changed the world.  Nelson Mandela spent his life battling apartheid and championing a peaceful revolution.  He spent twenty-seven years in prison and emerged as the inspiring leader of the new South Africa.  He became the country’s first black president and went on to live his dream of change.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was only 25 when he helped organize the Montgomery Bus Boycott and was soon organizing black people across the country in support of the right to vote, desegregation, and other basic civil rights. Maintaining nonviolent and peaceful tactics even when his life was threatened, King was also an advocate for the poor and spoke out against racial and economic injustice until his death in 1968. 

Learn all about Christopher Columbus' early life at sea, which led him to seek fortune by sailing west in hopes of creating new trade routes with the Indies. Kids will read about why he called himself the 'Great Admirald of the Seas' and learn of all his struggles to find financial support for his voyage.

This biography details not only Rowling's life and her love of literature but     the story behind the creation of a modern classic.

Like Michelangelo, Galileo is another Renaissance great known just by his first name--a name that is synonymous with scientific achievement. Born in Pisa, Italy, in the sixteenth century, Galileo contributed to the era's great rebirth of knowledge. He invented a telescope to observe the heavens. From there, not even the sky was the limit!